L20 Family

Stable, Tunable, Affordable

  • Accurate with Power and Stability
  • Configurable as Pulse and Grating Tuned
  • Available as a CO laser
L20S Base Features

  • 20 watt CW power
  • Almost Perfect Beam Quality M2=1.1
  • Industrial Robustness with Laboratory Precision

L20SP (Pulsed) Features

  • Increased peak power to 50W
  • Decreased rise and fall time to 100 µsec

L20SD (Dual) Features

  • The features of the L20 and L20P in one laser
  • 100% duty cycle CW of 20 watts with peak power of 50 watts

L20G Features

  • All the features of the L20 with wavelength tuning

Designed for an industrial landscape but developed from high accuracy reference standard models, the L20S bridges the gap between uncompromising performance and cost effective reliability.

Starting with an industry leading +/- 2% power stability, the L20S can be configured with Line Tracker, providing a 1% stable laser, locked into a single wavelength.

In applications that also need a single specific wavelength, the L20G configuration provides a tunable CO2 source. With grating tuning from 9.3 μm to 10.8 μm in a water cooled package the L20G is a leading edge laboratory instrument.

Access Laser specializes in making custom lasers to fit our customers’ exact needs, numerous other options are available including:

  • Water Cooling
  • Closed Loop Cooling options
  • Real Time Power Monitoring
  • Optimization for 9.3µm or 10.2µm
  • Isotope gas fills

If none of the options on our site meet your specific requirements, please contact us as we have a team of highly skilled engineers available to discuss additional options that may better meet your needs.