L50 Family

Precision, Power, Reliability

  • High Power for both Industrial and R&D markets
  • Deployed in today’s leading edge applications
  • Available with both high peak power and grating tuning
L50 Base Features

  • 50 watt CW power
  • Almost Perfect Beam Quality M2=1.1
  • Water Cooled Only

L50P (Pulsed) Features

  • Increased peak power to 120W
  • Decreased rise and fall to 100 µsec

L50D (Dual) Features

  • The features of the L50 and the L50P in one laser
  • 100% duty cycle CW of 50 watts with peak power of 120 watts

L50G Features

  • All the features of the L50 with grating tuning.

The laser industry’s highest power true waveguide RF CO2 laser, the L50 is a no-compromise solution for the most demanding applications, from 24/7 semiconductor manufacturing to leading edge research and development. With the same Access Laser optimized resonator design producing a virtual perfect M² = 1.1 beam, the L50 can be configured with the Line Tracker option to give an industry leading 1% stability.

Add in the P (Pulsed) or D (Dual) option, and the L50 becomes a high performance pulsed laser, with faster response time and no compromise in optical performance.

In applications that also need a single specific wavelength, the L50G configuration with grating tuning from 9.3 μm to 10.8 μm, the L50G is a leading edge laboratory instrument.

Access Laser specializes in making custom lasers to fit our customers’ exact needs, numerous other options are available including:

  • Closed Loop Cooling options
  • Real Time Power Monitoring
  • Optimization for 9.3µm or 10.2µm
  • Isotope gas fills

If none of the options on our site meet your specific requirements, please contact us as we have a team of highly skilled engineers available to discuss additional options that may better meet your needs.