Our Board of Directors

Yong Fang Zhang

Founder, President and Chief Scientist

Founder, President, and Chief Scientist of Access Laser.  After earning his Ph.D in Electrical Engineering from California Institute of Technology, Dr. Zhang has brought innovative leadership to the field of RF excited CO2 lasers for over two decades including business activities in Asia, Australia, Europe, North America, and South America.

Jan Melles


Founder and CEO of Photonic Investments. He founded many companies, among them Melles-Griot, in the electro-optical business in Europe and US and grew them into successful businesses. He has been active in the optics/photonics industry in the US and Europe for close to forty years and has extensive business activities in Asia. He serves on the boards of several companies, publicly held and private.

William Bridges


Carl F Braun Professor of Engineering, Emeritus, California Institute of Technology, Inventor of Argon ion laser and the first waveguide CO2 laser. Member of National Academy of Sciences (US), Member of the National Academy of Engineering (US), Fellow of IEEE, Fellow of Optical Society of America, and President of Optical Society of America (1988).

Christiane Laakmann


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