Mission and Vision

We transform cutting-edge photonic technology into practical customer-focused solutions. Access Laser Company strives to be the trusted source for photonics solutions. Through stable growth and continuous thought leadership in ever-expanding markets, we provide a truly global footprint. This is sustained by attracting top talent from around the world and maintaining a growth mindset to continually expand our photonics expertise.

Core Values


Ethics Supported by Integrity

Be honest; do what is right; respect others; pursue excellence; and exercise individual integrity.


Customer Focused Innovation

We pursue unique and innovative solutions that add value for our customers.


Quality through Continuous Improvement

We strive for value and quality as complementary standards; we are never content with just good.


Empowerment through Ownership

We empower our employees to take ownership, recognizing achievement and sharing the risks and rewards of our pursuit of excellence.


Balanced Growth

We treat every customer with the same high level of respect and attention, knowing that each unique solution we provide can enable their future success.


“Can Do” Attitude

Our team can find a solution to every challenge through a commitment to listen, understand, and work through the challenges facing our customers.

Our Leadership

Gordon Bluechel

Chief Executive Officer

Chris Fulton

Chief Financial Officer

Jesse Way

Chief Technology Officer

Kody Todd

Director of Mechanical and Electrical Engineering

Jason Bethel

Director of Laser Engineering

Kai Ramaiya

Director of Business Development

Devinna Fleming

EUV Program Manager

Daniel Lee

Senior Production Manager

Markus Wilhelm

Continuous Improvement Manager

Sales Team

Holly Dugan

Order Administration Supervisor

Sandro Eckert

Sales & Application Engineer

Human Resources

Lindsay Weiser

Human Resources Manager

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Company History Timeline

Company History Timeline

Year 2018

Access Lasers’ success with application-specific solutions led to its acquisition by the TRUMPF Group, one of the largest photonics technology companies in the world. This allows Access Lasers to enhance the processes and capacities demanded by the EUV semiconductor industry, such as expanding into a state-of-the-art production facility with more than 5,000 square meters of ISO7 manufacturing space.


Company History Timeline

Year 2011

With our drive for innovation, Access Laser, together with its partners, pioneered EUV lithography technology and developed groundbreaking innovations such as the industry’s unique single-line, Q-switched CO2 laser.

Company History Timeline

Year 2004

Access Laser Company introduced stable and tunable low-power CO2 lasers from 500 mW to 20 W, providing a level of performance previously thought impossible for such compact gas lasers. To this day, we are a industry leader in power stability (<±1%) and wavelength tunability (>80 lines) of low-power RF-excited CO2 lasers.

Company History Timeline

Year 1999

Access Laser Company was founded by Dr. Yong Zhang, PhD, in Arlington, Washington. The company focused on providing application-specific CO2 laser solutions for industrial and scientific customers.