Reliably sensing minute quantities of trace gases in complicated gas mixtures requires highly sensitive instruments. These measurements impact medical research, industrial safety, biological plant research, and many other  fields. Being able to trust that a device is providing accurate information is of paramount importance in such critical applications. To address this need, Sensor Sense, in collaboration with Radboud University, developed a compact, reliable system that could produce trusted results.


Developing new techniques for quickly implementing wavelength-dependent measurements to a certainty of parts-per-trillion required unique capabilities. The Access Laser L4-SZ-WCCL provides this application-specific performance by utilizing the resonator length dependence of wavelength output and manipulating that output with our piezo electric actuator.


Sensor Sense now offers a variety of products that provide quick and accurate measurement of trace gases for environmental, industrial, agricultural and medical end-users. These rugged systems can be used in laboratories, mounted on vehicles or inside aircraft, and can withstand extremely harsh environments while still producing excellent results.