• Q: Can your lasers cut metals?
    • A: No, our lasers are not designed for the processing of bulk metals. For such performance please visit our parent companies website: www.TRUMPF.com 
  •  Q: Do you provide lasers for autonomous vehicle LiDAR?
    • A: While our lasers can provide the performance needed to test AV-LiDAR detectors, we do not sell lasers for the purpose of mounting on vehicles.
  •  Q: What wavelengths of Terahertz does your lasers produce?
    • A: Our lasers are the optimal source for optically pumping gas cells which can produce THz radiation. The wavelength produced depends on the gaseous gain medium used in these cells which our lasers excite.
  •  Q: Are your lasers FDA approved for use in surgery?
    • A:Our lasers meet all regulatory compliance standards necessary for integration into medical workstations. However, it is the end OEM workstation which receives FDA approval specific to the medical industry, not our light source which is integrated as a component.
  •  Q: What wavelength output can your lasers provide?
    • A: Depending on the gas mixture used we can provide laser outputs between 5.1-5.7µm or 8.9-11.4µm

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