• Q: Our laser has stopped working, can we make the repairs ourselves?
    • A: While ALC won’t restrict any customers from attempting repairs of their own accord, doing so will invalidate our warranty. 
  •  Q: What is the typical service turnaround time?
    • A: While each repair depends on the extent of work to be completed and the existing queue when an RMA is received, our service team strives for a period of 2-4 weeks.
  •  Q: How to start the RMA process
    • A: Contacting our Order Administration Supervisor, Holly Dugan via email is the quickest and easiest way to get this process started is with the laser model, serial number and the problem being encountered
  •  Q: How much does a RMA cost?
    • A: The RMA process starts with an in depth diagnostic by our service technicians. This has an associated fee of $350 USD, when this has been completed an updated quote reflecting the suggested repairs to be made will be provided. This initial diagnostic fee will be rolled into any further repairs undertaken.
  •  Q: What equipment needs to be shipped for a repair?
    • A: Because of the complex electrical circuit that is created between the laser and RF driver both of these items must be shipped for any successful RMA to be completed. The chiller, DC power supply and cables used however do not need to be shipped for our service team to troubleshoot issues.

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