1. Numbers provided for focusing are intended for reference only. 
  2. Numbers provided assume the lens is mounted directly on the laser exit, without a beam expander or any other optical component.
  3. Typical beam parameters are: beam waist diameter of 2.4 mm and full divergence angle of 5.5 mrad. Beam waist is located at the laser output window, which is 13 mm behind the front plate of the laser. If these parameters are important to you, please double-check with the factory for your specific order.
  4. Lenses on the list are typically available off-the-shelf from Access Laser and can be installed before the laser is shipped. 
  5. Laser beam is centered around the 0.20 inch through-hole, ±0.4 mm in both dimensions. 
  6. Laser beam is perpendicular to the front surface of the laser, ±2 mrad. 
  7. Three mounting holes can also be used to mount optical accessories, such as beam expanders and fiber optic couplers. 
  8. Do not use the mounted optical assembly—such as beam expanders or fiber couplers—as a laser handle. 

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