The standard CO2 laser provides spectral output between 9.2 and 10.8µm. However, for certain applications other wavelengths may be necessary. We can extend the spectral reach and power of our lasers by leveraging different isotope gas mixtures.

    • 13C16O2: This carbon isotope mixture will extend the accessible range to 11.3µm. Depending on the power of the laser, the 9P & 9R bands may not be accessible.
    • 12C18O2: This oxygen isotope will provide extended range towards 8.9-9.3µm. Depending on the power of the laser, the 10P & 10R bands may not be accessible.
    • 12C16O: A carbon monoxide mixture will produce light in the 5.2-5.8µm band. This gas is highly sensitive to temperature and has a unique cascading effect, which naturally produces many different wavelengths in succession.


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