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CO2 laser radiation is known to be an ideal heat source to create a localized melt zone, a so-called floating zone, for the growth of very pure single crystal oxide fibers. Stable thermodynamic conditions, and thus a stable CO2 laser source, are essential for best results. The use of CO2 laser radiation as heat source has two major advantages over other methods:

  1. The wavelength of 10.6 µm is well absorbed by many relevant oxides.
  2. The very high laser-induced local temperatures and gradients enable 60 times faster growth rates — mm/min instead of mm/h.

Access Laser’s CO2 lasers are ideal for this application due to our industry-leading power stability and active control of the laser cavity length. Our technology can be integrated in a feedback loop to control and minimize fluctuations of the fiber diameter. In addition, our closed cavity CO2 lasers guarantee consistent operation with little maintenance, which is highly appreciated by researchers and manufacturers around the world.

For more information on Single Crystal Growth with CO2 Lasers, please check our Application Letter.

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