Access Laser Company, Member of the TRUMPF Group, Moves into New Facilities Tripling Capacity

June 18th, 2018 – Access Laser, manufacturer of high-precision CO2 lasers, announced today that it has begun the final stages of moving into new facilities at 2211 West Casino Road, Everett Washington. Relocating to this new location has enabled an expansion of the laser manufacturing and engineering laboratories by three-fold, while bringing them into ISO compliance. Extensive renovations required adding more than 50 miles of electrical wiring, providing more than half a megawatt of power, which ensures ample supply at each of the new facilities workstations.

Experiencing continuous annual growth in both personnel and revenue over the last five years, ALC has taken major strides towards solidifying its place as the premier low-power, high-performance CO2 laser provider. In pursuing new applications for the semiconductor and automotive industries, it became necessary to accommodate these more stringent regulatory standards. In doing so, the new facility has been designed to provide multiple layers of increasing cleanliness leading to the ISO 7 production area.

In addition to these efforts, further improvements such as the installation of a state-of-the-art liquid nitrogen gasification and reverse osmosis deionized water system have furthered cleanliness levels at all stages of the manufacturing process. These initiatives, among many others, combine to affirm the company’s strong commitment to innovation, providing unique solutions across the far infrared spectrum.

Commenting on these innovative production approaches, Courtney Rickett, Access Laser’s Quality & Continuous Improvement Manager said: “With our move to these new facilities, Access Laser is excited to make a conscious shift towards a new standard of cleanliness and quality in our products. We’ve designed all aspects of the building to work in harmony, providing reduced airborne particulates which enable our continued mission of providing cutting-edge laser solutions for the most innovative technologies.”

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