Common Challenges We Solve

Fabrication consistency of fused-glass components such as tapers, couples, combiners, and fusion splicers are critical to the fiber laser and medical industries. Due to the very high power of lasers transmitted within these fibers, any imperfections in fiber splicing or glass treatment such as an unwanted deposit on the fiber surface may cause significant power leakage as well as the possibility of fire hazard and failure. CO2 laser processing provides the cleanest heating method with no deposits on the fiber, while providing the most consistent operation with little maintenance. The world’s leading researchers and companies in this field depend on the high power stability and accuracy of Access Laser CO2 lasers to enable development of new fiber optics and micro-lenses:

  1. Power stability to ensure temperature control
  2. Exceptional beam quality for post-laser optical processing
  3. Wavelength selection to match material absorption

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