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There are numerous processes that occur in the far-infrared (FIR) region of the light spectrum that have not been directly studied due to a lack of FIR light sources with power in the milliwatt to watt range. While recent research and development efforts have been focused on ultrashort FIR pulses, referred to as THz pulses (0.1 to about 6 THz), the full potential of this wavelength is just beginning to emerge.  Despite the proliferation of applications for THz imaging, the number of commercially available terahertz imaging systems is limited. Access Laser’s wavelength and frequency stabilized IR lasers allow for optical pumping of a variety of gaseous mediums that can produce THz radiation with average power that is orders of magnitude higher than solid-state lasers, non-linear crystal conversion, or frequency mixing typically found in this market space.

  1. Average power of 1W at 2.54THz
  2. Enables new research in FIR Spectroscopy
  3. Time Domain measurement of material boundaries
  4. Frequency Domain inspection of material absorption
  5. Non-Ionizing complementary 2D Imaging
  6. Continuous Wave or Pulsed operation
  7. True terahertz light beyond the gigahertz domain
  8. Wavelength-, frequency- and power-stabilized pump sources

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