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The s-SNOM technique provides information on the phase and amplitude, complex optical properties of scattered light used to measure on the nanometer scale. The incident infrared light is focused onto the tapping atomic force microscopy tip apex, scattering light, which is collected and analyzed. By raster scanning across the sample while detecting the elastically scattered light, the optical response of the sample is imaged. With interferometric detection, both the amplitude and phase imaging of a sample at a given wavelength can be measured. These provide insight about the materials refractive index and absorption coefficient. 

  1. Nanoscale resolution
  2. Measure material index of refraction
  3. Measure absorption coefficient
  4. Infer chemical composition and structure
  5. Collect FTIR comparative data
  6. Complementary to Atomic Force Microscopy measurements 
  7. Wavelength, Frequency & Power Stabilized Probe Source

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