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Laser enhanced soft-tissue dentistry provides a bevy of improved patient outcomes including faster healing times and hemostatic incisions. These are due, in part, to the pure ablation  capability of CO2 lasers, as well as the wavelength absorption in epithelium, vital for predictable laser photothermal ablation. The most efficient heating of the irradiated tissue takes place when laser pulse energy is high, and the duration is much shorter than the tissue’s thermal relaxation. This is achieved using the Access Laser Super Pulse mode of operation. Such performance is ideal for efficient cutting in applications such as char-free stage II implant uncovering, gingivectomy, frenectomy, biopsy, de-epithelization, fibroma excisions, peri-implantitis and more. 

  1. High mode quality for fiber-guided beam delivery
  2. Adjustable pulse width allows for control over depth of penetration
  3. High peak to average power to prevent charring and promote quick healing
  4. Low cost and highly reliable


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