CO2 lasers provide a broad range of possible wavelengths from 9.0 to 11.3µm, depending on the gas mixture used and the selective optics in place. Access Laser provides easy line selection across the entire spectral range via an intra-cavity littrow diffraction grating (-G), which can be controlled with either a manual micrometer or automated with a DC driver or computer. L-series grating (-G) tuned lasers have horizontal linear polarization, while AL-series grating-enabled lasers provide vertical linear polarization. Regardless of the product platform utilizing the grating (-G) technology, combining it with the Super Pulse (-P) option will provide a wider spectral reach than the standard Continuous Wave operation.

Figure 1: L3 power (mW) to wavelength (µm)
Figure 2: An AL50-G-WC laser

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