Common Challenges We Solve

For more than twenty years, Access Laser has worked with researchers to provide application-specific solutions to enable cutting-edge experiments. If our existing technologies don’t satisfy the rigor of your demands, our engineering team is well versed in working with customers to develop new solutions that can.

  • Frequency-stabilized interferometric light sources
  • High signal-to-noise ratio sources for spectroscopy
  • Beams have long coherence-length and high spectral purity for plasma diagnostics
  • Discrete wavelength selection for scanning near-field optical microscopy
  • High-pulse modulation rates for free-space optical communications
  • Industry-leading power stability for high-performance optical fiber fabrication
  • Single-line emission sources for optically pumping far infrared terahertz gas cells
  • Ideal seed lasers for enabling master oscillator power amplifiers
  • Superior mode quality for post-laser optical processing